Not sure if I posted this one here once already (maybe last Thanksgiving) but I found this in my Google Docs. Fits the season well. Happy early Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for you all
If you’re reading this right now
It doesn’t matter what you think–
You’ve touched my life somehow

It could have been a casual hello
That put a smile on my face
…Maybe I never saw you again
But it’s a memory I can’t replace

Or maybe you’ve touched me deeply
(No “that’s what she said,” please)
A life so often spent wandering
I found in you some reprieve

I may not even like you
But that’s hardly the point;
I am thankful for you all
Hell, heaven, and curious disjoint

You’ve made my life what it is
And made me who I am
So happy Thanksgiving,
Thanks for giving what you can

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