Not sure why I never published this one, I just found it in my drafts. Here you go!

Blanket statements
Emotions are curbed like I don’t have the words
All sorts of feelings stuffed up inside of me
If you’d only look you’d see
See what’s inside here it’s kind of choking me here
I’m dying here inside my
Choked off because I don’t have the time
To think, of what to say of what to do of what I am
Do I truly care? Why do I care,
Is it not enough to go day to day
Hour to hour
Minute to minute just being
And being what I am
Without knowing
There is still love and joy and laughter
But I am scared
Scared that I will become something I’m not
Or lose something I am
Because I’m changing
And transitioning
And so many people have expectations
And I only know what they are
And not what I want
What I want, hmm
It should be so easy to define
On a whim, let’s go here, let’s go there
Do this and that, but now
I worry that what I do reflects on the me-that-was
And the me-that-is is only trying to live up to expectations
So if I do nothing
And be nothing
I cannot go wrong.

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