A bit delayed

Over the last few weeks, there have been a lot of poems I’ve avoided posting. Now the turmoil is coming to an end, and it feels fitting to post the poems here, in an effort to leave them behind. It’s time for new beginnings, for more than just me.


Maybe we
Could start again
You were once
My more-than-friend
You used to be
My everything
Seems like something
Got lost in between
My transition
From here to there
Yet this weekend saw us
A pair
Perhaps it’s not gone
Between you and me
But as always
I wait
And see


Somehow I know it’s over
But I just don’t want to fall
Making someone unhappy
Is never fun at all

And knowing you’re alone
Is freedom, but it’s tough
When you have no one to turn to
When things get rough

Maybe I’ve noticed
That things are coming to an end
But I hold on, just wishing
We might go on the mend


I think about him
All the time
He is the idle space
Occupying my mind