I don’t remember
Quite the way that I should
All the things that were bad
And all the things that were good

I do remember I made a decision
One that I stick by now
Based on things
That made me upset somehow

Occasionally I am reminded
Through simple little things
Of times when I felt awful
Or times when I had wings

It’s hard to reconcile
Why I did what I did
Going back: impossible
Going forward: a trick

I’m still a little stuck
On the feelings we once had
Trying to make sense
Of why I’m feeling bad

I make an effort each day
To remember what we were
So eventually my mind
Will no longer be stirred

By places we once visited
And things about which we talked
I hope one day
My mind will no longer be stalked

By the empty image
Of the things we could have been
An image from a time
Called way back when.

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