I finished a new song! If I can find my good microphone, I’ll record it and update this post with the audio. It’s much better when heard aloud.

If I could become one
If I could become one
With the rest
Of the scene around me
If I could become one
If I could become one
I might not
Feel quite so lonely

Every day’s perfect but I’m just
Getting by
Getting by
And I don’t know
What is wrong with me
Won’t you believe me and tell me
It’s not my fault
It’s not my fault
I was born
That’s all there is to say


Pretending is harder than giving
Into the sadness
The sadness
That drives my life
It makes me feel at peace
Destruction and healing are parts of
The same old coin
The same old coin
It flips around
And tells us where to land


Perfection is striving to reach
Higher than self
How could you tell?
That I am not
Outwardly what I seem
Some days I feel I just
Want to die
Instead I cry
And save myself
For better days ahead


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