I believe in
Your power
Over me
Even though our lives touched but briefly
I know
I will never
Be the same

Is three years how long it takes
To forgive, and remember
The reasons why I loved you
In the first place?
You were inspirational
And though running from
You also ran toward
Your goals, your aspirations
Never telling yourself no

It was something I learned to do

I still keep the bucket list
Though now, I call it the ‘impossible list’
And I suppose you would like that better –
I’m not looking forward to death
But rather staying excited for life.
I’ve put down roots here in central New York
And I wonder if you would be proud,
I finally found those friends I was looking for
Those ones I thought would just drop
Out of the sky

I wonder if you’ll read this.
I don’t check up on you,
There’s no reason you’d check up on me.
But a part of me is arrogant
And selfish
And hopes that I’ve stayed in your life
Because good people deserve others
And I told you, probably, at some point
That you’d never be alone.

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