There is no way, save death, out of the monotony
That controls our lives
Sleep wake eat sleep
Sleep wake eat sleep
We surrender to the slaver;
Are our bodies a gift, or a curse?
Holding us here in life
Expanding our senses
Or limiting them –
We know not from whence we came
Or what we are

Tiny or large
Connected or separate
Mighty or powerless;
We eat, we sleep, we wake
To the morning that assaults us
Or caresses us
To the day that haunts us
Or empowers us
To the flow of life that beckons us
For fear or intrigue
Of the mysteries unsolved

We find no comfort in its arms
But stand still in the waning tide
Blessing the water as it washes over our skin
Mourning what has not yet come to pass

This, too, shall pass
Like morning into night
And life, my life, into darkness
The tide will recede and leave me dry
And I will have been all I am

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