Zombie Lane

Second song. I’m on a roll!

Do you ever wonder
What’s controlling your life?
Do you stop and think
What do I want to do tonight?
Nobody’s making plans
Nobody even bothers

Well it’s high time we had a change
From this zombie lane
Let’s go and meet the world
With ourselves again
You can’t make a difference
If you don’t even try
So let’s change the world
Let’s start tonight

Everybody’s dressed in black
Walking down the street
Mourning the loss
Of someone they’ll never meet
When did we break the promises
We made in our youth?


No, there is no way to make it easy
We’re all falling down, oh
Oh, but there is so much we can do
Just don’t be afraid to try

Well I faced myself today
I didn’t like what I saw
I was scared and lonely
But overall
I am the person
I’ve grown to be

I just wish I’d faced me sooner…


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