As I’ve started picking up the guitar again, I’ve started getting into writing music again. Here’s a new song that I’ll hopefully be able to play on the guitar for you folks in a few months.

Lift your head upon your shoulders
Take off your dread and face the day
This building that you are hiding inside of
Is crumbling around you
It won’t see another day

Will you be free,
Or will you keep running away?
Will you reach out
With your hands unbound?
Will you be free
Or will you keep running away
For the rest of your life
On the ground?

Try hard and you will find yourself
It’s that or you’ll die a little more each day
This life you’ve got isn’t really living
You know, I see the tears cried each day


No I know I don’t decide what’s best for me
Some days it feels like I’m just floating by
I wonder where I went and why
I won’t come back to me
Was I ever in control
Or was that a lie?

[Chorus x2]

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