The lady sings, the hall reverberates
My heart is stolen and I hate her for it
As she looses, in perfect harmony,
The echoing notes of a dying era

We are gathered here today
For the benefit of others
Those ones we love who have found love
Curiously, I feel
Both passion and ill-ease
Watching their commitments
Declared under God’s gaze

There goes the procession
That orderly movement
Perfected over the centuries…
How many brides and grooms
Have come before?
I feel the connection to the past
As one love reaches out to another
Calling through the space of time
That this day should never be forgot

But how its meaning has changed!
We are progressive,
Now, with the advent of a new age
This ritual has become distant
From our hearts

I feel both triumph and sadness
As I realize this ceremony
May cease to exist;
Religion is based upon fears
And preys upon fears
But is still beautiful
Elegant, and comforting

Communion is set
The gospel is read
I cannot help feeling how I do
And so the tears of mixed emotions
Mingle on my face
As the bride and groom
Become one from two

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