I sit here
Feeling all alone
If it weren’t for you
I’d not have a place to call home
I know there are people
Who care about me
Some of them are near
But none of them see
Who I am
Exactly how you do
You see all of me
And still love me, too
It’s easy to forget
How special we are
When it’s so easy
To just be who we are
Not putting on airs
Hiding, or faking
I’m yours, yours, yours
Forever, if you’ll take me
I don’t know how else
To express how I feel
Some days you’re
The only thing that’s real
You’re my one
My only
My forever
My boo;
My everything,
My cuddlefish
My skank-a-roo
My bubble
My shield
From everything that’s hard
And I want you to know
That forever, you’ll be a part
Of me, and everything that I do
I am, quite simply,
Alive just for you.

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