You are nameless,
And ageless,
Weightless and colorless
Creedless and otherwise
Not marked by assumptions
When you whisk your
Little envelopes of thought
Out to the world;

They can be
Tiny diamonds
Or worthless leavings;
The choice is yours.

You are
Measured by your intelligence
Your wit, your mental finesse
And somehow, this is less scary
Than the measurements you know they are taking
When you step into a room
Not one sound out your mouth
But already,
You are known
And understood.

Why yes, it is freeing
To be heard as a voice
And not interpreted
Through shades of clothing
And skin
And gender
It is freeing to be myself
And be judged for it,
For if you judge me by anything
Let it be the bits of me I leave behind
Across the internet.

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