Though unaware
We share this experience
Each of us treading a path
Quite clcose to the next
All have hills
Mountains and plains
The rough parts
The good parts
The trials
The gains
Remembering, realizing
That each of us is the same
Is difficult when
Each of us feels we’re the main
Part of every day
We don’t realize others
Don’t think of us the same way
We can be selfish
Rude, and mean
Because we don’t trust those others
Who really are the same
But given the chance
I know in my heart
Each of us would rather
Be a part
Of the kindness, goodness,
The brotherly love
If we’re just given the chance
We could each rise above
Our assumption of importance
And lend a helping hand
To anyone who needs it;
That’s what it is to be human.

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