A friend of mine recently invited me to do the writing prompts from Nika Harper’s Geek & Sundry blog. This is my attempt at a parable from this prompt.


The lonely clock ticked on, somehow too fast, somehow too slow.
She fought against the current, desperately trying to save the seconds, for what she didn’t know.
“What have I been doing? What has it all meant? What is the point?”
Her mind wandered without permission, and she fought to reign it in.
She believed she had something important to do, something she forgot.
The seconds piled upon her like anvils, and she fought to stay afloat.
A losing battle.
She tumbled with the current, crying as she went.
The waves washed over her and carried her out to sea.
She felt lost and found all at once.
This is what it is to be alive, she thought.
The clock was gone, and she no longer counted the seconds.

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