Portions of my mind


Trying to hide
From after-kiss
bliss abyss,
Trouble is this:
Lengthy kiss
lead me to miss
The one I kiss.


Dremmel tool
Not enough
To peer into MY mind.


Gaping, suddenly black, a crescent moon appears
You once saw light but the world is dark, black and gray
And you have nowhere to go but down so you go
Cursing, cursing your fate
Your luck
all the way.


Deeper than what you thought, this story is.

Inside my mind

Lengthy prose?
No, they don’t make that here.

My Friend

Is a luxury
the ill cannot afford
is it your destiny
To sleep
All life long?

Who needs God

Deities are nice.
But my socks are better.

Losing you

Look after me, I’ll look after you
this song’s been cut in two, in two
And these tiny pieces, I really do fear
Don’t hold enough of me
For you, my dear


Writing comes from the heart
even if
you don’t mean it to.

Writing comes from the mind
Even when the world is unkind

Writing will always come.


Don’t say your beauty.
I already know it.

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