Once, when I was angry at my boyfriend…

I think of how we’re still awkward
I think of how much you mean
I think of telling you these things
Then I think I hear my heart scream

Because you’re hardly there, you’re never there
And you don’t want to hear about this
You want to talk to me on your terms
My eyes water writing this…

You care but you’re selfish
Or you’re really that naive
I’m a woman and I have wants
I want you to pay attention to me

I don’t care if I’m boring–you’ve made me that way
You can’t ignore me cause you’ve gone to college
I haven’t gone away.
I need someone to ask me
“how do you feel tonight?”
And when I give an honest answer
I want to know that that’s alright
Because you’re listening, and you care
And you’d do anything for me
I’ve heard you say these words,
but they’ve become hard to believe
When I get no attention
I get none of you
My life’s half complete
And that just won’t do
So hold on to me
In textual embrace
Tell me you love me
When you can’t say it to my face.