Some more old stuff


Courtney Doesn’t know
that she’s full of fear
In the face of the hour
there are tears that appear
Behind her eyes
choking her words
she’s barely alive
she isn’t heard
she wants more than anything
she craves like the night
the fear that takes over
she struggles and fights
her own truth becomes lord
her own thoughts her whole sight
she’s worried she’ll lose you
and she thinks that she’s right.


Choking of
Breathing in
All creation
Make me feel this way.
Impossible to describe
Harder yet to survive
A moment spent without you.
Lethal injection
My heart’s infection

My First Kiss

My heart is aching
As I look in your eyes
I can see clearly there
The wants that won’t die.
I ache because I want it too
Holding back is nearly a sin
Your arms draw me closer
I realize I can’t win
Inhibitions aside, decision made,
I look to your face
I feel so afraid.

Chain Reaction

Enjoying every minute
Of the moment now I’m in it
Your hand clasped tight around mine;
This small human gesture
Leads to something better
A feeling
Bodies intertwined.


I just realized today
I can solve all my problems
There is an easy way
No more rent, no more bills
No more “friends,” I’ve had my fill
All my problems in this life, I’d drown them all away
In the crisp cool air
Of a sunny autumn day.
Eagerly i climbed the stairs
Up to my sunny throne
Up upon the roof I’d stand
All alone.
Standing on the edge
Of a cool and lonely place
I made a final jump
I took a leap of faith
Then I began to think
Of what I’d never do
I wonder if I would have jumped
If I would have knew.
Falling from the building
I felt quite alive
For the first time in my life
I wanted to survive

Just A Night Thing

It happens about the same time every night
This feeling I get about you
I miss the times we had together
And all the things we used to do
I hurt inside so deep and bad
My heart might break in two
Instead my eyes just overflow
and fill with thoughts of you
I see your figure standing there
I look deep into your eyes
I feel the warmth as you hold my hand
Then I begin to feel some surprise
For it’s all in my head, this vision I see
But it feels so real and alive
All at once I don’t want you but need you
and the truth is so hard to derive
Then I realize you’re here inside of me
As long as this feeling is there
I relax and I know that someday will go
and meet both of us as a pair.


My heart is aching
I know its coming
I just sit and wait for the pain

My heart jumps at the blink
I hope that it’s you
I want to be thought of,
The same way I always think of you

Marionettes of plausible thought
Circumvent my conscious quarrels
I try to absorb and harness
But elegance refrains from my charge

I am no refugee
I am not surprising me
with words of wisdom
or plays of bravery
this refugee is holeing down
if your heart is meant for me
you’ll dig my grave and lay me to rest
at the bottom of this reverie