One touch from you, I feel so whole
Nobody could grant me this I know
I thought last night it wasn’t real
You with me, and you were here

You grant me peace, serenity
A feeling from which I can’t break free
But it scares me to know this is going to be hard
You ask me to look beyond my guard

To see myself as simply me
To be myself and always be free
To look, to find
What hasn’t been there
To nourish, to nurse
Those parts of me that are rare
To be a person I once knew
Tess afraid, someone like you

She may have been crazy, she was always kind
She never left another behind
She thought about others, she made them laugh
But when people brought her down, she took a different path
She made sure no one would ever have her
A little piece would always be hers
So how did you see it? how did you know
That one small thing that I never did show?

I wanted so much to be more than I am
But I never thought that I could again
It’s always been easier to stay in my shell
I’ve kept my vulnerablities to myself

People are mean when they don’t know
How they forced a small girl not to grow
She fought to keep herself inside
But that part of her never died.
I ask again, how did you know
There was that part of me hidden down below?

Did kindred spirits a partner find
Wandered for years, somehow drawn to their kind?
Coincidence is logical, but doesn’t feel right
How small a chance that we just might
Find eachother when we needed most
Someone to understand that which we both boast;
A mind full of secret understandings and thought
And lives full of mistakes in which we were caught.

It’s not chance we found eachother, this is true
You were meant for me, and I for you.

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