sitting here, spending so much time
away from you, and trying to find
a way to stay close, connected and real
i sit back and relax, and the emotions i feel
envelop me if i decide to let them
and no matter what happens i will never regret them

this connection makes me nervous,
because of what i said i would do
i would experience the world,
but then there was you
and there’s no going back
not now that i know
there’s another in the world
who shares my same glow

and maybe i think
we are too alike
all signs on the surface
say that that’s not right
but everything i see
with both you and i
tells me others expectations
we can defy

i write this to remember
and to hold it close
the feeling that orignally
spoke to me the most
the one that i feel
when i’m close to you
and the one that will guide
when i haven’t a clue
the one that reminds me
that i’m not alone
the one that says without words
“you’ll be there when i get home”
the one that makes me feel
like something special and true
it’s the only way i can feel
when i’m with you.

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