Another New Beginning

Thrilled to start a new chapter
That’s how I feel right now
Smiling a tiny smile
And thinking about just how
I made my way here;
How impossible it all seemed
Taking that leap of faith
To leave and chase my dreams

I’ve been told I have high standards–
such goals I’ll never achieve
But to me that doesn’t matter
Such words I’ll never believe

For settling for less
Is a sin against my soul
So as long as I have life
I will live it to the full

I’ll never be afraid
to ever die alone
and when the times get tough
I’ll find in me a home

Because I love myself
It’s the darn simple truth
So you can try and break me down
But you won’t get through the roof

You won’t even touch me
If you cannot start to love
The things that make me who I am
I swear to god above

If you ever ever hurt me
I will kick you to the curb
and make darn sure that somehow
you get what you deserve

I’m bitter still a little bit
But I’m ready to let you in
If you think you can stand me
I think to myself with a grin

Now I’m smiling because somehow
I know what this could be
And I’m too excited
To wait, and see.

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