I’m staring into the distance
Trying as best as I may
To keep myself in line
My composure’s gone away

I sit alone in the dark
My lips are slightly parted
I feel your phantom hands
I won’t stop what my mind’s started

My shoulders relax
And I’m feeling warm
Your body’s not there…
But I coulda sworn…

My mind comes back
And my eyes are wet
You did this, you bastard!
Now I just bet

You’re out there laughing
I ended it, it was me
Now you’re happy
And I’m wishing I was free

I’m still tormented
I nearly had it all
I’m so angry at you;
Angry that I had to fall

But I fell so many times
And you weren’t there to pick me up
You didn’t deserve me
But…now what?

I sit here alone
And I stare at the wall
I’m lonely as hell
No one here to see me fall