I almost posted this on my college’s Like A Little last night, but I either chickened out or came to my senses. I’m not really sure which, since I still can’t stop thinking about this boy. I suppose though that all things get worked out with time.


So here it is, I’m stuck on you
It’s really sad, but very true
You wanted me, now someone else
I couldn’t ever tell how you felt

I thought you were faking
Because you wouldn’t try;
Now I think you had feelings
–but you were just a guy

You didn’t know what I wanted
And I’d never tell…
But it’s over now
It’s all gone to hell

Or is it, really?
If you think you’re this guy
Message me,
With one simple reply

Do you still want me?
Because I believe that you did
If yes, let’s work it out
Instead of getting rid

Of something maybe beautiful
Like a flower, to bloom in time
Give me your answer
And I’ll rethink mine.