Story Of My Year/Love Poem

I wrote this poem as an explanation to a guy I just met that I’ve fallen pretty hard for. It’s hard to tell now if it’s just early infatuation or if these feelings are as deep as they feel, but if the time is right I’m going to give this poem to him in a lovely romantic fashion.
Before you met me
It’d been a hell of a year
First filled with sadness
Then filled with cheer
I broke up with my boyfriend
And then had to deal
With everyone rushing me
Telling me how to feel
Well I told them all to stuff it
That I’d find a path of my own
Then my old boy came back
Told me how I’d grown
Told me I’d turned into
Just another Clarkson Girl
Which set my mood unhappy
My confidence started to curl
But eventually I realized
It didn’t matter what he said
There was a reason that I left him
Too many tears over him I shed
So to still let him hurt me
Was silly at best
I took my life and moved onward
Where to? Anyone’s guess.
I did whatever I felt like
For months and months on end
The goal, to meet as many people
With which my mind could contend
I went out and drank on weekends
Got silly, stupid drunk
Once I even smoked from a bong
(But once of that was more than enough)
But lately I’ve been feeling
Like I don’t really care
Meeting people isn’t on my mind;
In fact, there’s only one person there
And he always makes me smile
Whenever I start to think
About something he said lately
Or his face when he’s half asleep
See I never really thought
At all this semester long
That I’d want to be with someone again
I couldn’t find feelings that strong
But when I’m with you
The world’s completely out of place
You turn my head upside down
And my heart starts to race
There’s something so unique
About everything about you
You just blow my mind
And I don’t know what to do
So I’m writing this right now
Knowing that there’s no other way
I’ve surrendered to my feelings
They’re not going away
Will you take a chance on me?
I promise to do my best
To make you smile every day
And lay all your worries to rest
I know I’m a little crazy
And you haven’t even seen it all
But if this seems right to you
Then we can at least have a “lol”
Because my days are better with you,
I love to see you smile
I’m looking at you right now
And thinking all the while
I wonder where this could go
I wonder what you and I could be…
I want you by my side
Wherever this path may lead.

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