Sad Speck

So we all pretend
That everything’s okay,
That life’s a breeze
It’s simpler that way
And we just keep hanging on
Hanging for that day
We can convince ourselves
It’s true, what we say

Oh you all understand
Yeah, and you all respect
What I’ve become, because
There’s little choice left
You see me, oh
Towering over you
You think I’m better?
I’m no better than you.

You Think I’m interesting
But you can’t comprehend
What I’m actually saying
When I tell you there is no end
Nor any beginning, to anything
That I say
Life’s an endless loop
And when we’re gone, hurray

So don’t lie to me
Like you always do
If you understood me,
Then you’d understand you
It’s not my time
To tell you what to say
These little details
Don’t matter, anyway

You little speck of dust
Crying in the wind
You’re so sad and don’t know it
You, my friend.