Moving On

I still think of you
Wonder how you’ve been
Where your life’s taken you
Since I was in it then

Your face will come to mind
Your smile, and how you’d hate
To show your teeth on camera
Even though you looked great

The million ways you’ve changed my life
Are a reminder now of what we had
The terrible times are gone from my mind
I’m much less angry and much less sad

I can see the confusion clearer
The whole event, and not just my side
You meant to care but you got lost
You’re only human, and that’s your pride

Now what happened wasn’t right
Our relationship changed and had to end
But it was good for a long time
And someone else might be able to mend

The parts of me that got broken
When we hit bottom, fast and hard
I love you, David,
But it’s time for me to shed these scars.

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