Choosing a partner
Is like nailing yourself down
See in someone else
What you can’t see in yourself
Decide that you’re lacking
And a hole can only be filled
By the sweet sweet nothings
Of another
Who, just the same feels
Tortured, in loneliness
Because it is said we should be
Although we are nothing such.
It’s not quite right this romantic vision
Beer goggles for the less fortunate
An ideal world we try to witness
But being imperfect, we fail
And in anguish, we scream.
Would you wish that my beauty be taken
By another who cannot appreciate
Myself, the way that I can?
Know this, that I will never be truly me
When I am someone else’s
When I am masked
Through the glass
Of someone else’s belief
Of the way that I am.
I will not be for you what you see
I cannot be everything I am, and yet fulfill your dreams too.
So I will be content
But calm
In knowing that I am one with the only being
Whose judgement matters to me right now;

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