There’s so many things I’ve heard
About you, over the years
Things not flattering, or awful
That if you heard might bring you tears
Yet I never once judged you
Not a single time
You’re a friend, a good friend,
a damn good friend of mine
But what’s this?
Now that I’ve made one mistake
My hands are covered in blood
And it’s up into your face
That I’m staring now
From this cold cruel ground
Instead of offering your hand
You’re pushing me back down
It hurts so much to find out
That the person that I respect
Was not the person I know
And that everything is wrecked
You go ahead and say what you want
Think anything of me
I’m taking my life now, and leading it
Living it freely
It’s what I said I wanted
It’s exactly what I said I would do
So stop pouting now
Just because it doesn’t include you
Exactly the way that you
Wanted to be
I’m so sick and fucking tired
Of living for you and not me
I make mistakes
I fall down on the ground
But in the end I do expect
That if you’re a friend, you’ll be around.

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