Two Weeks

Look up at the overcast sky
Rain’s falling
And I know exactly why
My love has left me, stayed behind
And I’m fighting back tears
Trying to reason with my mind
Two more weeks won’t be anything
What a lie that must be
Two more weeks could be anything
For you or for me
Two weeks and you may have forgotten
How happy we were
Walking down the street
Destination, unsure
Could forget how I smile
And how you make me laugh
How stupid we are together
Like you’re my other half
You may not remember
How I look up at you
When I’m lying in your arms
Feeling emotion, deep and true
So many little things
You or I could forget
But I won’t let them slip away
That won’t be my regret
I’ll savor every moment
Play them over in my mind
Whenever I get lonely
Waiting again for the time
I might be held in your arms
Feeling peace in your embrace
Nuzzled into your shoulder
Looking up into your face
Feeling like the world
Has all but stopped for me…
If I could be anywhere else
This is where I’d want to be.