Day 5

I found this in the archive of Facebook messages that Chris and I shared… It’s named Day 5 because I tried to do something sweet for Chris every day we were away until we could see each other again. This was Day 5.

Lights go out
I’m all alone
Wishing I could
Hug and hold
Your body close
To mine again
I’m lonely here,
My more-than-friend.
I miss your touch
I miss your voice
I miss our inability
To make choice
I miss your laughter
And all the while
I pause and think
You make me smile.
Even though
You’re miles away
Our memories haven’t
Begun to fade
Each time you kissed me
Or held me close
Has stayed with me
As if your ghost
Is here with me
Lying right alongside
My body as I
Fall asleep tonight.