I think I can post this now. Open and honest, eh, Chris? I kept this one to myself because I was trying not to hurt you. But I think now we can both appreciate it.

I fairly often forget
And I hardly ever remember
The stuff between you and I
That helps to keep us together

I seldom really know
Why I fell for you at all;
Forgetting what we knew best
When we decided on the long haul

Even just last week
I paced back and forth, in my mind
And finding no reason there
I thought perhaps we’d had our time

But you came to me again
And unintentionally, you reaffirmed
All that knowing that we did
When, like fire, our love first burned

It’s not the money that you have
Or in the future what you’ll be
It’s not a feeling that I get
When you’re alone with me

Our adolescent passion
Burned out long ago –
It’s something much much more
That keeps my heart aglow

I feel secure, yet independent
You accept all of me
We work through our problems
I know that anytime, I could be free

So what stops me now
From saying I love you
Is something that I’d rather
You never really knew

My feelings got mixed up
With a man you don’t know
And instead of trying to fight it
I just let them grow

And now my heart is torn
Between old love, and what’s new…
In thinking our love would die
I looked straight past you

I’m not proud of how I’m acting
I find it to be poor taste
But not acting at all
Would not have been a grace

To either of us
Because these feelings are real
And they started long ago
Before the other man was here

So I may take a chance
To try and do what’s right
For me, right now
At this point in my life

Where everything’s uncertain
And that’s the way it should be
I’m young and still discovering
What it means to be me.

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