You take my poems
You take my words
And turn them into
Something that hurts

Something that digs
Real deep inside
You do know best
How to make me cry

And it kills me
Becuase I thought
You were better than that
But I guess not

And you know I, too,
Could break you down
Say those things
To make you frown

To make you feel
What you did to me
This morning, on the phone
When you made me angry

You said all this shit
That I never knew
Things you hid when we were together…
I’ve never had someone like you

Who’d say fuck the world
When we were together
But now that it’s over
Well this shit just gets better

And I don’t believe
Even half of what you say
You say what you do
To try and get in my way

I have little respect
Left for you
Your words are empty
And I know what to do

I’m breaking this connection
Go ahead and take your fall
I won’t be there to catch you
…I won’t be there at all.

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