Portions of My Mind

I did one of these to start off my blog a long time ago. This one actually has a theme though. A little of my therapeutic writing… I’ll title them when I get to it, for now just know that they’re all separate poems.

The person I got to know
Was who I wanted you to be–
You changed yourself
To stand next to me

Angry, I’m always angry
Why did you…
It doesn’t matter.
Was it my fault or yours?
I think I see it clear now and that’s why I’m so angry,
You were so dumb…
You didn’t trust me,
Not since very early on.
You got afraid of losing that thing that made you feel safe
And so turned it into something that made you feel awful
Just trying to keep it.
I can’t make excuses for you,
You did what you did and now you lay with it
And I shed the guilt, slowly,
One drop at a time.

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