I am committed
Not to making this work
But to letting it work;
To being myself, and never stopping you
From doing the same.

I see a future for us
Not an effortless one
But one in which our efforts are not wasted
On the counterproductive pursuit of changing one another;
One in which our efforts
Will lead us to inspire the other to live,
Laugh, cry, and smile together;
One where we will embrace the little things
And each other.

I see no path for this future
I cannot see where it will take us
But I do see us happy, and smiling
Tackling life’s adventures and challenges
Under the support of the other.

Already I have learned so much from you
Already I am happier, brighter, and wiser
For having met you.
I only see more days
More months,
Or more years of the same.

This isn’t like anything I’ve seen with anyone else.
It’s the future I’ve seen for myself,
But now you’re in it too,
As though you were always there,
Just waiting to be found.