Lights on the asphalt
Rain drizzles slowly
Time, like my heart, seems to have stopped.
How did we get here?
I feel so numb,
As if in a moment I will wake up
And everything will be fine…
But I won’t wake up
Because this is my life
And it’s all ruined;
The petals of our perfect flower are scattered and torn
Showing clearly their delicacy
Through their ruin.
I loved you
But I know that’s not enough
You loved me first and you stopped loving me first,
In everything, I have followed you.
Even now, I feel we are having parallel thoughts
Both wrestling with our hearts, who say that this is over
And our projected futures which included each other.
I will not lie, I am scared
Neither future holds an immediately positive outcome
But it is more frightening to face a future in which I am unhappy
Than it is to say

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