Endless curiosity is my only specialization.

My career has been shaped and guided by my innate curiosity. I have never taken the same job twice, and as a result I've gained a plethora of skills from the highest levels of web development to the lowest levels of hardware analysis. I've also picked up project management and business development skills. I believe my well-roundedness is my greatest asset, allowing me to identify and execute creative solutions to problems across multiple domains.



What passes for an online resume. Probably hasn't been updated in years.


A bunch of half-finished projects. I have a full-time job, you know?


Sometimes I write up what I'm working on in my spare time. This is where that goes.

My top skills

1Cyber automation
Symbolic execution, fuzzing, hardware rehosting, and python scripts - these are the things automation is made of. I have a deep loathing for manual repetitive tasks, and would always rather learn a new tool or skill than embrace tedium.
The stranger the system, the more engaged I'll be. Each reverse engineering project is a puzzle to be solved and an opportunity to learn.
I architect sane and maintainable software. Decomposing problems into systems, subsystems, and resources, and locating and simplifying dependencies, are core and second nature skills to me. I share and teach this knowledge where I can.

My toolkit

I'll learn whatever the job demands, but some of my most-used tools include:

  • Ghidra
  • QEMU
  • Python
  • C/asm
  • GDB
  • S2E
  • Wireshark
  • Putty
  • Logic analyzer
  • Oscilloscope
  • My coworkers

Stuff I've done

Meet my cats

I cannot imagine working from home without these fuzzballs of terror destroying the peace.

I am old, curmudgeony, and I hate fun. I will roll over in the middle of hallways to watch the humans try to avoid me. I yell whenever I pick things up. I like to pick things up in the middle of the night.
I am a tiny comet of terror and destruction. I pull wires out of breadboards and eat them. I like to stand on keyboards and gnaw on plastic. I'll fetch nerf balls if you throw them for me.