Monthly Archives: December 2017


I stand still in the crowd while others move their shoulders, sweat, hair over serpentine asphalt sunshine I stand still and close my eyes to feel the souls brushing mine the moan of the world is loud here uttered by silence broken by the hum of an engine the sigh of a street light That padlocked place in my heart… Read more →


Keep it to yourself, he says And sends me poetry My eyes were never meant to see Keep it to yourself, he pleads Heart beating on his sleeve What does he expect from me When I love someone else Built my life around someone else And don’t share the feelings His poetry portrays? What does he expect That a woman… Read more →


We are made of dead things Dry and twisted things Coarse and rotting things Old things We are made of the same things Component, atomic things Universal and unchanging things Desolate things We are made of tired things With holes for whistling wind Where life pours out like sands Of time, always time We are made of dead things Future… Read more →


Been drinking and going through my work from the last few months. I didn’t write a lot, but there are a few poems anyway. Apologies if they’re not worth the read – my quality filter gets degraded with intoxication. I want to reach out These human hands of mine And touch someone’s heart So that I can feel mine For… Read more →