Monthly Archives: June 2016


I sing now At work Because There may not be a tomorrow To sing later I sing now Because the music moves me And I want to share my gift, My voice, With those around me I sing now This very instant To remind myself I am alive That I am here In this moment And nobody can take it… Read more →


I believe in Your power Over me Even though our lives touched but briefly I know I will never Be the same Is three years how long it takes To forgive, and remember The reasons why I loved you In the first place? You were inspirational And though running from You also ran toward Your goals, your aspirations Never telling… Read more →


I feel the chill There’s something comforting About being uncomfortable Wholly human Undeniably felt The cold creeps into my skin. I linger here to feel alive Not rushing to find a jacket And stave off my humanity But instead waiting Swatting at the insects as they arrive Day is gone And night portends. I rub my skin and feel small… Read more →


The things that make me cry Are numerous; The sting of the wasp and the beauty of the sunset Are equals In my eyes. They drop tears for either, The beauty Or the pain Emotions are like rivers All feeding into one great lake Bloated and stretched By the dam at its head. When the water cascades over the concrete… Read more →