Monthly Archives: August 2015


I cannot capture The horror Of every day routine The hollow I find myself in Because I am scared To escape Petrified by unfounded fears I stick to the known Never straying far Never living much I cannot explain it If you have not lived it Why saying what’s on my mind Is painful and embarrassing Why forming attachments Is… Read more →


I found this in my notes. Hopefully it’s not a duplicate. In those moments In between That’s when I feel Least alive again Wishing for Someone to see What I am So I can be. What is existence If it’s not shared? I go home alone, and I am scared Is this all the world Has for me? Moments of… Read more →


I still think about you All the time You’re still the idle space Occupying my mind But now When the gears click They’re smooth; There’s no bad love To sully the groove You were it for me And you still are I love you And whether you’re near or far I will always love you It’s written on my soul… Read more →


The lady sings, the hall reverberates My heart is stolen and I hate her for it As she looses, in perfect harmony, The echoing notes of a dying era We are gathered here today For the benefit of others Those ones we love who have found love Curiously, I feel Both passion and ill-ease Watching their commitments Declared under God’s… Read more →