Monthly Archives: May 2015


I want to feel Touch Taste Believe The unfathomable Depth of complexity Depth of humanity Dive to uncertainty And emerge Always the same But a little bit different I want to feel the bottom of the moon I want to BE what it is to BREATHE The embodiment of life Sustained, and unending The cycle, not the thing And exist… Read more →


Admitting it to myself Is the hardest part Like tearing off a band-aid I’m not ready to be judged What fearless lion I used to be Those words ring True to me Used to be, used to be I say it like I’m no longer me I remember my past Like I was a Superhero Living life without fears Accepting… Read more →


I heard a song today that reminded me of what it was like when I first moved and I lived alone. This poem is about that. In those moments In between That’s when I feel Least alive again Wishing for Someone to see What I am So I can be. What is existence If it’s not shared? I go home… Read more →


Found this in my notes – I wrote it just before taking my new job. Beginning At face value, a word full of hope Aspiration Determination Yet underneath A beginning must always also Be an end Locked in constant cycle The start and the finish Both complimentary Both opposite One will always begin when the other leaves Like day and… Read more →


You are nameless, Faceless, And ageless, Weightless and colorless Creedless and otherwise Not marked by assumptions When you whisk your Little envelopes of thought Out to the world; They can be Tiny diamonds Or worthless leavings; The choice is yours. You are Measured by your intelligence Your wit, your mental finesse And somehow, this is less scary Than the measurements… Read more →


What is wrong with people? Why don’t we share more? What is it about the world That makes us scared To be who we are And to open our hearts To one another? Deep down I believe everyone knows Nothing can replace That feeling of connection When another speaks Exactly what’s on your mind And when you speak and are… Read more →