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You said I was like her You put me in a box You assumed away everything About me Until there was nothing left Nothing I could do Not reason, not protest Just watch As what was left of us Fell into ruin I loved you, that’s the truth of it A truth I try to forget, because why Why oh… Read more →

The Kits Are In!

The first load of hardware is in! The Raspberry Pi starter kit: complete with Pi B+, case, HDMI cable, AC adapter, micro SD card (8GB) and heat sinks. I assembled this tonight (no pics because I’m lazy).


The Arduino Uno starter kit: And Uno Rev3 (I think?), small breadboard, USB cable, D battery adapter, and a bunch of jumper wires.


And two wireless transceivers. The transceivers are compatible with the uno, but I have an Arduino mini on the way that I’m hoping it will be compatible with. The minis are far cheaper than the unos… About $5, vs $15. Plus the minis are, well, small.


I’ll start playing with the Pi tomorrow and let you know how the projects go!

What I do – and how to get others doing it, too.

My full-time job is writing beautiful, elegant, reusable code. Early on in my career, I was mentored by a software engineer who believed in a few basic software principles: Never write the same code twice If statements are evil Without regression testing, you’ll never really know if your code works I took these to heart and continue building on them each time I… Read more →