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Code Review, Issue 1

It’s amazing that, while many programmers are able to create amazingly complex systems that solve amazing problems, many of us are never educated in the “proper” ways to write code. This isn’t an issue of style, guys – it’s an issue of maintainability, readability, and efficiency. We’ve all had that moment where we open somebody else’s code and we’re hit… Read more →


I realize now How patient you were with ME How the words don’t come easy That fall softly on the skin How much easier it is to say Exactly what you mean But it’s rude, and it’s hurtful And it’s a huge change But in the end it was good for me – I wonder if he will feel the… Read more →


After all this timeI’m still angryAt youYou’re the voice in my headTelling me I can’tEven though you always wantedTo tell meI can.Tracks play on repeatThings you said onceThat tore me downAnd at the time, I believedYou were rightAnd I was a foolFor ever having triedTo be myself. Read more →


We are imperfect machinesBut perfection is a matter of functionWhat are we?Why are we here?What is our purpose?These questionsAre born of perfectionAnd plague each human mindWhich is driven to pursue it I may be smallBut I am also largeIn my ideasThoughtsAnd influenceWere I never to be born, the world in 1,000 yearsWould be completely different.I am powerfulAnd so are you… Read more →


Seems like something Lighted today Lighted a fire in me; Seems like something died today I killed the biterness you see I feel so foolish My heart’s been through this Many. Times. Before. I won’t pretend you’re special There’s nothing special About the fire that burned Before Until now I’ve been wandering Down the road you laid And no matter… Read more →

Old Crossroads

I can’t see where my life is leading me, but I do know this: I am young, I am talented, and I want to make an impact on the world before I can’t anymore. It’s so easy to get lost in the twists and turns in life. One small misleading decision leads to another and, before you know it, you’re… Read more →