Monthly Archives: October 2013


It happened all of a suddenAnd now it’s gone;That feeling I used to getWhen I was alone I used to thinkThat I’d thrown it all awayThat I’d never truly be happyAny other day That I would forever be hauntedBy the idea that youWere the only mate for my soulBut that simply isn’t true There is always anotherEqual to take your… Read more →


Sometimes I think I knowBut I still haven’t let my feelings goSo messed up is what I am insideFrom my demons, there’s no place to hide I keep wonderingWhat it would be like if I were still with youAnd when times get hard hereYou’re the first person I think who’d understandI can’t help but wonderWhy I ever let go of… Read more →


I don’t rememberQuite the way that I shouldAll the things that were badAnd all the things that were good I do remember I made a decisionOne that I stick by nowBased on thingsThat made me upset somehow Occasionally I am remindedThrough simple little thingsOf times when I felt awfulOr times when I had wings It’s hard to reconcileWhy I did… Read more →


Today I threw awayThe pancakes you made meTodayJust barelyAnd I feltSadnessAs I thought of how you must have made themWith such intentThat I should be happyAnd surprisedThat I might kiss youAnd we’d go backTo happy times Today I threw away those pancakesLast month, I threw away our love I am still saying goodbye. Read more →