Monthly Archives: September 2013


A part of my heartWill always be with youYou were my sweetBrown-eyed blue It’s hard to let goOf what we once wereAnd hard to admitThat someday, I won’t be “her” We made something beautifulAnd as I watch it goAs though on a boatSlowly leaving shore I feel nostalgiaAnd a longing to paddle homeNot strong enough to make me do itBut… Read more →

A bit delayed

Over the last few weeks, there have been a lot of poems I’ve avoided posting. Now the turmoil is coming to an end, and it feels fitting to post the poems here, in an effort to leave them behind. It’s time for new beginnings, for more than just me. Gone Maybe weCould start againYou were onceMy more-than-friendYou used to beMy… Read more →


SomewhereAlong the wayI chose the easyPath todayI opened upA gate to floodMy heart with feelingsAnd wash out the bloodThat was allThat was left of meThe parts that were soreNow heHolds togetherWithout knowing what he doesI know I’m not over youYet becauseI feel guiltyFor feeling this waySomething I thoughtI wouldn’t have to sayAfter I left youBut now, here it isMy heart’s… Read more →