Monthly Archives: June 2013


Found this while cleaning out my room. It’s a classic line, and I don’t think I ever shared it on here. I realized todayI can solve all my problemsThere is an easy wayNo more rent, no more billsNo more “friends”I’ve had my fillAll my problems in this lifeI’ll down them all awayIn the crisp chill airOf a sunny autumn dayEagerly… Read more →


I’ve been cleaning out my childhood bedroom and I’m faced with a lot of the emotions I had when I was in high school. It’s really quite humbling to realize how far I have come in four years, how much personally I have grown, and how much time I still have ahead of me. This poem is just synopsis of… Read more →


I found this while cleaning out my room. Maybe it will strike you like it did me. What fake, fond memoriesAnything can get distorted inside this headI see and remember times I was happyForgetting I was also sadI look back with wonderAnd forward with dreadBelieving I am becoming worseThat I am failing on the outsideBut the only difference between now… Read more →