Monthly Archives: November 2012


These are the daysThat the dark feelings start creeping in. The “you’re not good enough” feelingsThe “you’re failing at things” feelingsThe “you will never truly live up to your potential”Feelings. Feelings that aren’t true,But are fueled by paranoid thoughtsStemming from the stressThat’s been put on my mind. I’m so tired of falling back to this placeWhere I don’t know what’s… Read more →


Not sure if I posted this one here once already (maybe last Thanksgiving) but I found this in my Google Docs. Fits the season well. Happy early Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you allIf you’re reading this right nowIt doesn’t matter what you think–You’ve touched my life somehow It could have been a casual helloThat put a smile on my face…Maybe… Read more →


From this first breathWe plunge into waters unknownHeading in some direction with only one immediate course;No plans for the waters miles out to sea The waters here are calm, so we try to stay in themKeep her steady as long as we canUntil the keel swings ’round and we have no choiceIt’s time for new watersReassess, relearn But sometimes the water… Read more →


There you are, looking so relaxedYet your eyes belieYour heart’s true intentAs your gaze catches mineYou flash me a quick smileWhich I subtly returnAnd soon we are making movementsToward each otherAcross the room Your fingertip dancesClosely out of reachThrough the air as you gesture“Your smile is so sweet”I gesture backSigning through the air“Your compliments are welcome”And we make a neat… Read more →