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Gnome 3

Hello folks, I recently completed my semi-annual OS re-install on the laptop. This year’s flavors are a dual boot of Windows 7 (still–no Windows 8 until I can take advantage of the touch options), and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Now Windows I’m an old pro at customizing, and honestly I don’t do much anymore besides download my favorite apps, but Ubuntu… Read more →


Lights on the asphaltRain drizzles slowlyTime, like my heart, seems to have stopped.How did we get here?I feel so numb,As if in a moment I will wake upAnd everything will be fine…But I won’t wake upBecause this is my lifeAnd it’s all ruined;The petals of our perfect flower are scattered and tornShowing clearly their delicacyThrough their ruin.I loved youBut I… Read more →