Monthly Archives: April 2012


Here’s a song I wrote yesterday. It’s about my boyfriend and my worries about leaving him for the summer. I’ve only got two weeks left here before I head off back home and he heads to wherever his options may take him. Presumably he’ll be far away. It sucks, but that’s life. The question a lot of couples face at… Read more →

Portions of My Mind

I did one of these to start off my blog a long time ago. This one actually has a theme though. A little of my therapeutic writing… I’ll title them when I get to it, for now just know that they’re all separate poems. The person I got to knowWas who I wanted you to be–You changed yourselfTo stand next to me… Read more →


There is a hole deep within me And it brings me great sadness. It is a hole that I feel and cannot explain; It makes my eyes water And my soul crack; It prevents me From letting go. I feel it, and when I feel the sadness I am free, I am real; And when I am near you the… Read more →


Found this in my notebook, I think it’s from Christmas. Just kind of flipped open to the page. Life is funny that way. Soft breathing You’re sleeping You don’t know that I’m awake Still healing I’m kneeling Next to your beautiful face We’re broken So broken How do I make this mend? Still healing Time’s healing That which was not… Read more →


You take my poemsYou take my wordsAnd turn them intoSomething that hurts Something that digsReal deep insideYou do know bestHow to make me cry And it kills meBecuase I thoughtYou were better than thatBut I guess not And you know I, too,Could break you downSay those thingsTo make you frown To make you feelWhat you did to meThis morning, on… Read more →