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I think I can post this now. Open and honest, eh, Chris? I kept this one to myself because I was trying not to hurt you. But I think now we can both appreciate it. I fairly often forgetAnd I hardly ever rememberThe stuff between you and IThat helps to keep us together I seldom really knowWhy I fell for… Read more →


What is thisNervousnessI hate this feelingYou…Make me feel incompleteWhen I’m going without you I can’t get enoughAnd you don’t seem to mindSaying goodbyeAnd leaving me behind… Have I for onceFallen deeper, fasterThan the oneThat I’m after? This feels awfulMy heart feels half fullMy mind is scatteredAnd I’m so doubtful I doubt he knowsNo doubt he caresBut last thing he needsIs… Read more →


I think of you a lotI guess you’re always on my mindI’m not pining for you thoughI still enjoy the time That we get to spend apartBecause I have my own lifeIt’s something I’ve always tried forBut have never got quite right It feels like there’s a balanceBetween you and meA balance that was never thereWith anyone else I would… Read more →


And you’re standing on the precipiceNot knowing where to turnYou’d think that after all this timeMaybe you would learn There is no easy wayAnd there is no way to knowAfter you break the newsWhere your life will go But holding on to certaintyFor the sake of no changeIs just as damaging to yourself,There are no gains. Standing on the precipiceYou… Read more →

Day 5

I found this in the archive of Facebook messages that Chris and I shared… It’s named Day 5 because I tried to do something sweet for Chris every day we were away until we could see each other again. This was Day 5. Lights go outI’m all aloneWishing I couldHug and holdYour body closeTo mine againI’m lonely here,My more-than-friend.I miss… Read more →