Monthly Archives: February 2012

This is not a poem

This is not a poemBut actually, it isI’m writing to you, blog viewersTo let you know what’s in the ‘is I’m working on live recordingsSomething you should see soon;On every old and new poemMy voice will boom Hopefully this will lend youMore depth for each wordBecause how I tell each poemIs how they were meant to be heard I look… Read more →


Last nightI got tired of your old shitI decidedYou weren’t worth my time Last nightYou thought that I would hold youInsteadI sealed your demise Last nightShould not have been a turning pointYou shouldHave seen it all along Last nightBegins a new chapterWhere youWill walk this world alone. Read more →

Why we love

Life ain’t fair but it’s all we’ve gotThe price is wrong and we’re falling apartIf we find love it’s cuz we loved ourselvesEveryone cries when they’re living in hell And we loveWe love, we love, we love Oh we loveWe love, we love, we love… We all live cold cuz we’re going to dieSomeone asks for more, and we ask… Read more →