Monthly Archives: October 2011


Here’s the song mentioned in the previous post. A link will possibly be posted with audio at some point if I’m feeling brave. Please don’t go awayI’m hoping for one other dayIf it’s the last I’ll ever have with youPlease don’t go awayMy heart is aching; please just stayI don’t want to live one more day without you And I’m… Read more →


Wrote this last week. Unfortunately the sentiment has come back to haunt me… there’s a song in the works about that. I’ll keep you “posted.” If I could propose to you Sometimes I think I would But our foundation’s an untested structure Who knows if it’s actually good I don’t ever want to upset you And I don’t know how… Read more →

The World

This world is patchworkWe try to give it continuityTo the point that we replace itWith a constructOf our own.Lying here and looking upWatching the free mist fall from the grey skyI realize that this worldExistsOutside of The Organization…That this world is freeAnd our lives are not boundBy expectationsOf usefulness and productivity;That our hearts cannot be boundWithin the construct of a… Read more →


Chris, if you’re reading this, I still love you… but I am frustrated by far more than this poem can express. I’m not going to stop posting my heart here simply because you can read it. Perhaps you’ll better understand what I’m going through. Your pride doesn’t hurt nearly as much as my strained love Do you want to lose… Read more →